Your Weekly Dispatch Playlist: A Cold Day Mix


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I know these playlists are supposed to get you all geared up for the weekend but it’s colder than your ex’s heart out there. I just about froze my caboose off on my way to work this morning. I had to stop and get coffee for our intern (yep, I was getting coffee for the intern; no hierarchical respect around here), and reemerging into the cold of the day took strength I was unsure I could muster. I’m still thawing out here in the office. Due to this frigid blast of Northern chill, you may notice this week’s playlist has a winter theme of sorts. These are the kinds of songs I like to listen when it’s too cold to go anywhere but closer to the heater in my bedroom. I hope you get to sit on your couch, emerse yourself in a dream of blankets, drink some tea, and zone out to these tunes. Or, if you do find the courage to brave the cold, maybe this songs will keep you warm? The songs and whiskey. Maybe just the whiskey.

Listen to the playlist here.

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