Your Weekly Dispatch Pre-Gaming Playlist



It’s become sort of a tradition here at Dispatch for me to make weird playlists based on my mood/what I’m doing that night/what I ate for lunch/how recently I watched the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Everyone in the office likes to giggle at and rock out to the strange stuff I play. So we thought, hey, let’s spread the weird and the music. Every week, I’ll be sharing my playlists for your pre-gaming pleasure…or displeasure. But I hope pleasure.

Since one of this weekend’s featured events is a ladies’ arm wrestling competition, this week’s list is infused with all sorts of girl power spectactular. But dudes, don’t scoff; you’ll be singing along, too.

Here is the playlist. Feel free to subscribe, share, make suggestions. I’m also down for playlist requests, i.e. Break Up songs, Just Got a New Job songs, Sexually Frustrated songs, My Favorite Chinese Food Place Doesn’t Deliver songs, etc. Whatever floats your boat. Happy pre-gaming.

Remember: girls rules, boys drool. Jay Kay. I love everyone.

Drop some knowledge.