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I don’t know if you’re aware, but #hashtags are the hot new thing. I’ve heard that they’re the new Tumblr… or something like that… I guess. Whatever they’re there for, one specific #hashtag has been popping up left and right: #WHATEVERYOUWANT. Why is there such a buzz on such an ambiguous phrase? Because the 90 Minute Blonde wants there to be. Hell, even the president is getting into the groove.

“Do whatever you want! Say whatever you want! Be whatever you want!”

That’s the meat and potatoes of the manifesto for #WHATEVERYOUWANT, a fresh new party series premiering at Slainte Wine Bar & Lounge on Friday, August 9th at 9pm. A whole new party experience, patrons are encouraged to dress up and be whatever they want for a night.

#WHATEVERYOUWANT will be co-hosted and emceed by #90MinuteBlonde and #RobynMansions. Providing the tunes will be #CherryLemonade and #CheRos, with performances from the legendary children of Portland’s nightlife scene:

We caught up with the 90 Minute Blonde outside the Preble Street Resource Center, twerking for tips. [She] reluctantly paused to answer a few questions for us.

DISPATCH MAGAZINE: What made you decide to take the party scene in this direction?
90 MINUTE BLONDE: “There’s a serious absence, almost a negative space sometimes, of nightlife in Portland. I wanted to jumpstart the scene here and create a new culture. There are so many fabulous and talented people here that rarely get the opportunity to perform or who have to fight for recognition in a town where it sometimes seems many people aspire to mediocrity. I want spectacles! I want people outside parties doing performances on the sidewalk! I wanted a reason to go out again.”

DM: What is inspiring you right this moment?
90MB: “I’m really, really inspired by a lot of 90’s gay music right now. Even the stuff that was really mainstream at the time and no one realized that it was gay. As well as the recent boom in underground club culture in NYC. The club scene down there is incredible. And it kind of died down for a little while. But the culture is so fascinating and glamorous and REAL all at the same time. There’s one particular party called WestGay that really gave me the drive to start something new here. If you’ve never heard of it you should either look it up or go and see what I’m talking about. There’s a sense of fun and honesty about the club scene there that I found really inspiring and I wanted to bring a bit of that vibe up here.”

DM: If you could throw a party with any one person, whom would you pick? What would be the theme?
90MB: “I have to pick just one? (Laughs) Courtney Love. It’d be really trashy. And we’d play “Violet” on a loop. Either her or Dorian Corey from Paris Is Burning. But it would be a big glamorous affair with lots of chandeliers.”



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