What to Drink When You’re Not Drinking



I’ve given up drinking alcohol for Lent this year. Currently I am about three weeks in and feeling great! Don’t get me wrong, this has been quite a challenge for this late twenty-something gal working in the restaurant industry. Luckily I enjoy a good challenge now and again. I also enjoy gallivanting around town with my crew which has forced me find alternatives to my favorite cocktails while my friends indulge. In case any of you ever have the crazy idea to quit boozing, here’s my list of what to drink in Portland when you’re not drinking:


  • Tea – My favorite place to sip tea in Portland is at Dobra Tea located at 151 Middle Street. The Tea Room at Dobra transports you from the hustle and bustle of downtown to a Zen like place. I love to chill with a few friends on the soft pillows in our own curtained-off section and share a pot of Chinese Oolong Tea.  So relaxing you almost forget there is still multiple weeks of Lent left to go… almost.
  • Moxie – When I need to appease my inner fat kid I head straight to Silly’s on Washington Ave. for a Moxie Milkshake. Moxie is a classic Maine soda pop created in Lowell, MA, by a former resident of Union, Maine. The bitter flavor doesn’t appeal to everyone but boy do I love it, especially when mixed with ice cream!
  • Coffee – Portland has a plethora of coffee shops. Whether you prefer the traditional press pot method or a Coffee Coolatta, Portland’s got it all. Java lovers can be satisfied on almost every block. When it’s time for my daily caffeine jolt I prefer Coffee by Design. Not only do they provide a high quality product but they also focus on sustainability while doing so. I also love that they offer light and dark roast iced coffee year round. Locals tip: grab yourself a CBD card and get your tenth drink free! If you are a year-round iced coffee lover like me you may also want to check out Holy Donut on Park Ave. where they make ice cubes out of coffee for their iced coffee. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than a watered down iced coffee and therefore find this discovery quite brilliant.
  • Juice – There is a new juice bar on the block and it’s creating quite a stir amongst Portlanders. Every juice at Roost House of Juice on Free Street is made to order from fresh fruits and veggies right before your eyes. This is a great spot to get your daily dose of vitamins without having to invest in an expensive home juicer. The menu even has a section of mocktails so I can pretend to imbibe without cheating! The Shaktini served straight-up and shaken is my current fav. Be warned, weekenders: Limited hours on Saturdays.
  • Soda – No, I’m not talking about a can of Mountain Dew. I’m talking about the house made sodas at Duckfat. If it weren’t for Lent I would have never discovered this delicious and refreshing beverage option (because yes, I would have totally ordered a beer when I went there for lunch the other day). But instead I was lucky enough to enjoy the housemade Myer Lemon Soda. The refreshing sparkly lemonade like beverage was just the right blend of sweet and tart. The perfect drink to wash down those amazing fries.  Other awesome flavors include mint & lime, birch beer, and grapefruit & ginger.

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