Weekend Events: Cakes, Clothes, and Really Good Movies



I feel like this weekend was made just for me. Not only is The Hobbit out in theaters but The State is showing two heartwarming holiday classics and Rogues is having a sample sale. I wont even tell you how many treats I’m going to mow at the Scratch Bakery Holiday Open House. Stop complaining about how much “shopping” you have to do and have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones— that’s what the “holidays” are all about, right?

Remember: It really is a wonderful life.

1. The Hobbit. 
EEEGGAAHHHDDD. I’ve been waiting most of my conscious life for this. Of course, I spoke those words with the release of the trilogy and all of the Harry Potter flicks. But The Hobbit is a little bit more special than the others. You guys know what I’m talking about. I haven’t had this many butterflies in my tummy since the first time I tripped on my shoelaces in front of a large crowd. I’ll be tweeting live from the 1pm show at the Nick. Sike. I’m not rude. But you can definitely expect my review of it shortly after I’m done watching it. I hope everyone goes to see it. I hope everyone loves it. And I hope I will one day turn into a Hobbit. Yeah, I said it. Furry feet and all.
When: NOW.
Where: At a cinema near you

2. It’s A Wonderful Life and A White Christmas
I think I speak for a lot of people when I say, thank you State Theater. How did they know that I wanted to spend my entire Friday, Dec. 14 at the movies? Tonight the State will be showing a double feature of It’s A Wonderful Life and A White Christmas. A lovely way to spend the evening. I’ll be there crying tears of joy by myself in the back.
When: Friday, December 14, 6pm.
Where: The State Theater

3. Fruitcake, Frankincense & other great gifts!
I don’t really understand what the title means..exactly.. but Sunday Empire Dine & Dance will host a comedy stand up show called Fruitcake, Frankincense & other great gifts! Sounds like a blast. And who doesn’t love a comedy show? So go ok.
When: Sunday, December 16, 7pm-10:30pm
Where: Empire Dine & Dance

 4. Rogues Gallery Sample Sale 
Saturday Space Gallery will host a Rogues Gallery Sample Sale. I don’t know about you guys, but I was pretty upset when they closed their 41 Wharf St store front. I don’t know if it was the economy or  what but everyone should head out to Congress St and give these guys your money. And besides, its a great Christmas gift idea.
When: Saturday, December 15, 10am-3pm
Where: Space Gallery, 538 Congress St, Portland

5. Scratch Bakery’s Holiday Open House
This Sunday, the notoriously tasty Scratch Bakery will hold a Holiday Open House. What does this mean? Well, only the best stuff ever like crafts and drinks and cookies and cakes and fun and holiday cheer. Everyone go and support this wonderful bakery that is a true gift to the community.
When: Sunday, December 16, 1pm-4pm
Where: 416 Preble St., South Portland

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