Weekend Events: White Wednesday Through Black Friday



Well the day has finally arrived— no, not Thanksgiving or Black Friday—the day before Thanksgiving: AKA the biggest bar night of the year. When I was first told this I was surprised solely because it seems a little incongruous. Then I recalled holidays past, and hours upon hours spent with relatives. Even just typing that makes me want a drink. Who’s with me!? Don’t get me wrong, I love those people who share the same blood as me, but sometimes you just need to get the hell out of there! So as you can imagine, there will be a lot of bars open tonight; I’ll list a few favorites. And then perhaps you are wondering what to do once you’re done with the gorging yourself on Thursday. Well, I got you covered in that department too. FEAR NOT!

White Wednesday November 21

1. Brian Boru: Ho-Down with North of Nashville. Also open on Thanksgiving!

2. Empire Dine & Dance: Clash of the Titans: The Beach Boys vs The Monkees

3. The Big Easy: Rap Night! My favorite night of the week!

4. Flask Lounge: Pre-Thanksgiving Party

Weekend Events

1. Maine State Ballet’s The Nutcracker

Yessss, holiday ballet season is finally here! Head out to the Maine State Ballet to see the traditional and family favorite show The Nutcracker. According to their website, tickets are $60-20…not sure what that means but both prices are reasonably affordable, and it’s sure to be a great show.
When: Saturday, November 24 – Sunday, December 2
Where: Merrill Auditorium, 20 Myrtle Street, Portland

2. 10th Annual Beatles Night 

Spencer Albee & Co. celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first time they covered The Beatles. Tickets are $20 and the show will be at the State. Ten years. Thats a long time to cover a band. That’s like spending one day yearly for ten years dressing up as Gandolf and charging people $20 to watch you smoke a wooden pipe and give advice on which side of the forked road you should take. Does that make sense? Probably not. I’m excited regardless.
When: Saturday, November 24
Where: State Theater, 609 Congress St, Portland

3. Black Friday in Downtown Portland

In honor of consumerism, 25 great Portland businesses have contributed coupons for Black Friday. This is a great idea for those of you who don’t want to put a foot in the direction of the mall.
When: Friday, November 23
Where: Various participating Portland venues

4. Shop Local Holiday Flea-for-All

November 23-25 Portland’s Flea-for-All will be having Black Friday & Shop Small Business Saturday. This means three floors of art, vintage clothes, and a bunch of other great stuff. Get your twee, cutesy shit here.
When: Friday, November 23-25
Where: 125 Kennebec St, Portland

5. Moonlight Madness in Freeport

No, this will not be a bunch of red-eyed Twilight fans running around dressed as vampires in the moonlight….not that anyone else had that visual when first reading “Moonlight Madness”…. uh, anyway, each year Freeport and all its glorious retail occupants host a party-of-sorts that includes treats, contest, prizes, and stupidly awesome shopping deals. I’ll be there tweeting live dressed as a Twilight fan dressed as a vampire. Sike. How did I make this post about Twilight? GO TO FREEPORT EVERYONE!
When: Thursday, November 23-Friday, November 24
Where: Freeport, ME

6. Black Friday at The Maine Mall

You would have to drag me here kicking and screaming. What? Going to the only mall in Maine on the craziest shopping day of the year sounds as torturous as being sung the Twilight series aloud by William Hung. Whatever. If fighting over the last Volcom shirt from PacSun at 3:30am with your teeny-bopper nemesis is what you’re into, THEN GO TO THE MAINE MALL ON BLACK FRIDAY.
When: Thursday, November 23-Friday, November 24
Where: The Maine Mall, Maine (if you can guess)

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