As a benefit for the Barbara Bush Memorial Hospital at Maine Medical Center, Joshua Lovejoy has compiled a batch of tunes that feature some of the best the Portland music scene has to offer while also being family friendly. The compilation, entitled “To The Moon, To The Stars” is available January 24th.

The music itself is heartfelt and you can hear that the musicians involved actually wanted to contribute. The record starts off with Ellie (Chase) & Ollie (I assume this is her son) singing a version of “Swing Low” that is absolutely charming. Christian Hayes and Anna Lombard McGeachey’s respective odes to their children are standouts and while they fit perfectly on this compilation, the songs are also strong enough to work in any context. Andy Ellis and The Lomax Rhythm Boys offer “Charlieboy” which is light and fun and also features the great line, “Whatever you grow up to be, don’t grow up too soon.” Kevin Kennie brings a light reggae groove that transforms into an epic potential sing-along with “In Case I’m Not Around (Sweet Nora).” Dave Gutter & Evan Casas are also here with the sprawling “Babydoll” and James Day Leavitt also has a song on the album with his hushed “Stop the Time.”

These are a solid dozen tunes and while it isn’t the most musically adventurous collection that has ever been put together, that’s obviously not the point. You have a bunch of musicians from around town, everyone of them have children of their own, putting a little heart into writing something for the benefit of others. Not only that, but I’m sure if you are a parent yourself, when the kids are in the car you would much rather listen to this, an album featuring real musicianship and wholesome, positive lyrical content, than whatever the radio has to offer. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

This album is getting release at One Longfellow Square on January 22nd. Check out the event on Facebook. Here’s a sample from a couple songs featured on the album.

Love Is True by Scott Girouard

Fiona by Chayes

01 Song for Haisel by Anna Lombard

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