The Spiciest Sushi You’ll Ever Eat. Maybe.



Like spicy food? Yeah, I do, too. So when I ordered the “Red Dragon” roll at Sake I thought I would be just fine. False.

The ladies of Dispatch were dining out before the FASHIONation event at The Gaslight in Portsmouth, New Hampshire when I came upon this absurdly hot gem. After scarfing down orders of seaweed salad (which was excellent, though a bit light on the dressing), edamame, and spring rolls (also good), we started in on the sushi. All three of us ordered the spicy tuna maki, and all three of us enjoyed it greatly. Cortney got the Philadelphia maki as her second roll, and Ali had the unagi maki, which she deemed her favorite roll of the night. With barbecued eel, avocado, cucumber and spicy mayo, it was a pretty damn good bite (she shared with everyone, as is only proper when eating sushi).

Anyway, back to the issue at hand. After eating several pieces of spicy tuna, which don’t even deserve the spicy moniker, I started in on the Red Dragon. It was stuffed with asparagus, cucumber, cilantro, and scallions and topped with torched rare tuna and a “spicy pomsu sauce.” Obviously, I didn’t know what pomsu sauce was, but it turns out that’s code for hot as fuck. Made with chili peppers and citrus, it had that kind of slow burn that sneaks up on you. First it lights the back of your throat on the fire, before climbing into your tastebuds and torching your tongue. It was intense.

And to prove I’m not a wuss, Ali and Cortney both tried to ride the dragon as well. There was a lot of useless fanning the air and even a little tearing up. We ordered more water and gulped our wine. Wowza.

So if you want to try something super spicy, head to Sake. And if that’s not your cup of tea, the other sushi was delicious, too.

Sake, 141 Congress St., Portsmouth, NH 

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