The Ghost of Paul Revere celebrate the release of ‘North’



When nearly 200 people are stomping their feet in unison to your music, a drummer is probably not an essential percussive component to your band. And for The Ghost of Paul Revere, that just so happens to be exactly the kind of arrangement that works. Last Saturday, the band celebrated the release of their debut EP ‘North’ with a rollicking show at the Empire Dine and Dance that had everyone on their feet, singing, clapping, and most importantly, stomping along to their gorgeous blend of bluegrass, folk and good old fashioned rock and roll.

Simply put, this band is one to see live.

And while the record certainly provides an accurate representation of the band, live, their performance takes on a boot-clacking brilliance that transforms each song into a full-on participatory event, sending an electric surge about the room that’s near impossible not to feel. Add to that a layered three part harmony coursing through each soulful song, and The Ghost of Paul Revere demonstrated they not only had the chops, but the heart to reach their audience and leave an undeniable impression as well. And as the floorboards shook with each pounding stomp, one thing was certain: the band announced they had arrived, loud and clear.

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