The Food Coma Show Premiere This Sunday, November 4th at SPACE Gallery



For those of you still lamenting the end of popular web-series Food Coma TV, I’ve got great news: Joe Ricchio is back. And he wants to celebrate in typical Joe fashion: with food, drinks, and 1000 of his closest Facebook friends. This Sunday after you’ve kicked off Portland Beer Week at one of their many opening events, head to SPACE Gallery at 6:30pm for the premiere of Ricchio’s new web series, The Food Coma Show. In each episode of the new show, Ricchio hangs out with four guests at a local restaurant. From there, it’s a lot of eating, drinking, chatting, and most likely, a little debauchery (a girl can hope at least).

The series premiere was shot at Bresca in Portland and features chef Krista Desjarlais’ cuisine, as well as rapper Spose, Olympic skier Julie Parisien, Pocket Brunch impresario (and former Food Coma TV co-host) Joel Beauchamp, and “wine slayer” Jon Dietz.

Tickets are just $5 and you can buy them here. A little bonus premiere party tidbit: they will be giving away a $100 Gift Certificate for a tattoo by Gemma Borealis at Made Rite Tattoos to one lucky winner.

And for a taste of what’s in store, here’s a preview of the pilot episode.

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