Put A Bird On It: Reception For Julie Babb’s “Our Maine Birds”



Ok, so when I heard about this art exhibit, dedicated to Maine birds, I couldn’t help but think of Portlandia‘s “Put a Bird on it.” But in reality, this exhibit is nothing like the pseduo-art the popular skit show pokes fun at. Julie Babb’s work for her exhibit at the Gardens, which are primarily in gouache and graphite, meshes perfectly with the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden‘s theme for 2012, Feathers and Foliage: Celebrating Bird and Plant Interaction.

Babb has always been fascinated with the field of ornithology; she completed the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Home Study Course in Bird Biology As a birder, the focus of her art followed that passion. Landing the prestigious J. Hamlin Scholarship Award for the Study of Ornithology from Audubon Society of Hog Island, Maine, her work was quickly recognized in juried shows, major publications, and private collections across the country and internationally.

Babb combines photography, both hers and the work of others, with her paintings. And each bird seen in the artwork was observed and documented by the artist herself. This exhibit promises to be a true treat to both bird lovers and art appreciators.

The artist reception is June 8, 2012 5pm to June 9, 2012 7pm

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens Dr
Boothbay, ME 04537
(207) 633-4333

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