Yo, Maine people. Do you have a project you’re working on?

Dispatch Magazine is putting together a PROJECT DIRECTORY for ideas and actions at the individual and small collective level — especially ones that don’t fit neatly in the categories of music, film, theater, activism, visual art, or anything else.

Dispatch Project Directory, Portland, MaineNeed examples? Cool. Are you working on a historical audio tour of the working waterfront? A print magazine covering the pick-up games at local basketball courts? Assembling a task force to present housing ideas to city councilors and planners? Basically, wow!

If you live in Portland, you’ve likely talked to so many people bubbling with brilliant, absurd, exciting ideas, often worked on in the spare hours between work and family life. Some of them could use assistance. Others guidance, connection, momentum, or exposure. Some of their ideas might be too similar to yours not to meet up.

Know anyone like this? Are you like this? Then fill us in. Each month we’ll build a network of wild ideas just like these, and spotlight a new one in the magazine.

What fits? Well, hard tellin’ not knowin’. This is not *really* a place to advertise your small business or tech startup, but if you’ve got questions about what fits our criteria, let’s talk.

For consideration, write projectdirectory@dispatchmag.com with:

– Name
– General location
– Project description (20 words)
– Why you’re doing it (15 words)
– Percentage stage of completion (5 words)
– Expected finish date (MM/YY)
– What you’re looking for help wise, if anything (15 words)