I was wandering the streets of downtown Portland the other day, cold, starving, and annoyed at the 45 minute wait times at every restaurant I walked into. Several waiting lists later, my coworker and I decided to stroll into Nosh Kitchen Bar on Congress Street, where the place was filled, and after we finished eating there, we could see why.

The hostess sat us after a short wait, and the waitress was kind enough to give us 17 hours to look over the menu; there were just too many choices for my ADD mind.  There was everything from tuna tacos, to cheese plates, to pickle plates—how is a starving duo to decide!

But what’s a great meal without an appetizer, am I right? We started off with the sweet chipotle all natural chicken wings, and they were GOOD. The sauce wasn’t too overwhelming; it was just the right amount of sweet and tang, and they were presented with crumbled blue cheese on top of them, giving them an extra bite. I ultimately decided on a Nosh Burger and my coworker went for the bacon burger for our entrées. After seeing the party next to us enjoying their burgers, we really couldn’t resist; plus I am such a sucker for a good burger. However, “good” doesn’t quite capture a Nosh Burger. Try phenomenal. When I lived in Australia, I found that there was a fried egg to accompany all dishes, so I was psyched to see that a fried egg was one of the toppings on the Nosh Burger. Since I am gluten free, I asked to have no bun with the burger, and they were very accompanying, offering a side salad instead—free of charge. Works for me! Also on the Nosh burger was bacon, blue cheese, and an amazing roasted garlic and basalmic sauce; the sauce being my favorite, second to the fried egg. All of that rolled together in one bite made for one tasty meal.

Needless to say, there wasn’t much conversation at our dinner table that night….and it wasn’t because I don’t like my coworker (can you say the same about his orange pants? – Ed), but because my mouth was too happy to open for anything other than Nosh’s delicious food. I would recommend Nosh to the allergy conscious, burger fanatics, and people who have no idea what they want to eat; because they have everything. Thumbs up!


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