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So a couple of months back we started hearing rumblings of a possible movie studio coming to Camden, Maine. Camden has a sizable piece of property that they decided to advertise for free to any business that could create 24 new jobs that were worth $40,000 a year. That is where Bill Ferrell with a movie production company called B’D’ Turman’d Entertainment LLC came in. They proposed building two 18,000-square-foot studios with offices, and provide 40 jobs and 7 big productions within five years.

When I first started hearing about this it sounded great, but as I read more, questions came up to me like they did with numerous people. So I decided to find out for myself instead of through other news outlets and people. I ofcourse being who I am researched, Facebooked, made calls and tracked down Bill Ferrell himself. Friended him on Facebook and asked him to speak with me about the situation. A couple of weeks later he responded with his Los Angeles phone number. I called him with no answer for a few days (very busy with this I am sure). In the meantime I came to dead-ends here and there with the other names involved, not to mention that the productions that B’D’ Turman’d Entertainment LLC have been affiliated with are just not the kind of productions that bring a substantial amount of money in.

Also, when the company was asked how they were to secure funding for building two 18,000 studios they really had no clear answer. I even read that when one person spoke to Bill Ferrell that he could not get a word in edgewise. When Bill and I finally were able to connect on the phone, as nice as he was I couldn’t get many word’s in either. If you know me, you know that can be impossible! I asked him some tough questions, like where are you getting the money, how are you answering the people that are questioning your accountability, why here with no decent tax incentive? Bill informed out how he was in works with the Maine Film Commission to help change the incentive plan, that he was friends with Alec Baldwin, and that he had many financial backers that at that moment would rather not divulge as there was no set plan yet.

I listened and thanked him very much for his time. Upon hanging up I was so confused because I felt as if my questions had not really been answered the way that I wanted. Perhaps he was a lawyer in a past life? Either way, I was hopeful and doubtful at the same time! To good to be true? Then this headline comes in:

Film company abandons plan to build studio in Camden after alleged anti-Semitic remarks. Courtesy of Heather Steeves of the Bangor Daily News

WOW, that stinks if a potential business that could provide a positive growth to Maine would be treated that way because of a couple of mean spirited people. No matter what I do not think that is right, and hopefully not true. But another WOW, is that happened pretty damn fast. I personally know that Mr. Ferrell made many trips from Los Angeles away from his family to trek up to Camden to try to come to a deal on this property. However there are so many questions TRULY un-answered. Unfortunately we may never know what could or would have been, but on the plus side for Maine talent is that there IS a studio coming to South Portland in the coming months. More to come on that…..

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