On Saturday, April 28th, talented local singers and musicians lined up outside The Big Easy in Portland, Maine for FOX23’s X Factor Audition Pass Contest. A large crowd of people showed up for the event, along with many contestants who believed they have what it takes to become the next X Factor.

After a grueling, emotional day of eliminations, they were left with four lucky winners who are on their way down to Rhode Island with Pat May and Herb Ivy of the Portland Music Foundation, for a chance to audition in front of the official show producers! 3 singers and one group were selected from the auditions on April 28th:

  • Lady Zen
  • Pretty Girls Sing Soprano
  • Arianna Clogswell
  • Dom Colizzi

Best of luck to the contestants. If you’d still like to audition, then head on down to Providence tomorrow!

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