Lunchtime Leftover Links: Monday, Dec. 10



Hey folks! Finding yourself a little bored at work today? Maybe you’re not bored, but really busy and need a quick way to stay up to date? Well, welcome to The Lunchtime Leftovers. We here at Dispatch want to make your day as fun as possible—while also keeping you informed on the daily happenings. Instead of combing through the news yourself for something entertaining, our link dump will provide you a few of our favorite news clips from that morning. This is a great way to keep informed on all things Maine and fun! So grab your favorite mug, put some caffeine in it, and sit back and enjoy.

1. Maine native James Davis almost won the $1 million for the reality show The Amazing Race but ultimately came in second. Davis and his partner lost the fat load of cash to the team that was largely considered the worst on the show. Their reward for coming in second was a brand new Ford Escape…womp womp. But hey, looky looky, a Mainer made national news!

2. Nine Cape Elizabeth High School students have been suspended for allegedly eating marijuana cookies at a high school event last Friday. Please reframe from LOL’ing, this is a very serious allegation. The entire town’s reputation is at stake here. Why, its disgusting! Preposterous! What is the youth coming to these days!  As a Cape Elizabeth High School alumni and a CU Boulder graduate, you can imagine my HORROR at hearing such news. That being said, I’d give a million bucks or maybe just a brand new Ford Escape to see the look on Principal Shedd’s face when he finally caught those meddling kids.

3. Looks like Portland was spotlighted by AirTran as one of three US cities with a booming indie hip-hop culture. We’ve been making a lot of these “hipster” “cool city” lists lately, which I’m sure is making all of our local hipsters just cringe in their second hand, third generation Bean boots.

4. Oh hey great news everybody, looks like Maine Huts and Trails will be celebrating the opening of 12 lodges along trails of Maine’s western mountains. The lodges open on December 21st and will include such amenities as beds, hot showers and home-cooked meals. Pretty sweet, if you ask me. Everybody go get your “hut” on— I really hope that catches on and starts to trend.

5. Just when you thought that Mainers couldn’t get any more… “eccentric” we start prepping for the 113th Annual Christmas Bird Count. I know, so exciting. 30 of Maine’s birdwatching clubs will all go out and count birds and record species beginging this Friday through January 5th.  So grab your great great grandmother and take her for a real treat to go count and watch all the pretty birds in the freezing cold.

6. It seems that the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society is helping out one animal shelter in New Jersey who has been overwhelmed with stray cats since Huricane Sandy by taking some of those poor lost critters. What can we say? We are a state full of selfless, animal lovers who love to help a fellow state out. If New Jersey, however, were to request that we take their rejected Jersey Shore candidates, we would have to politely decline. What? You didn’t expect a snarky Jersey Shore remark? Yes, that state will forever be haunted by that show. I blame Snooki.

7. Apparently Maine gas prices have dropped 6 cents in the last month. While, that is still 15 cents more than it was this time last year, it is still a positive thing to read in your morning news. I don’t know about you guys, but I think  thats a sign that things are looking up! Maybe the world isn’t going to end after all! Maybe Obama IS a US citizen! Maybe Snooki’s child isn’t the spawn of Satan! Maybe Honey Boo Boo Child doesn’t mark the failure of civilization— although I’m sure it will take more than just cheaper gas to convince you savvy citizens of that. Regardless, I don’t encourage you to get gluttonous with your gas, you should save up for that Christmas sweater from the Signature Line for your girlfriend. WINK WINK.


Photo Credit: SliceOfChic

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