Lunchtime Leftover Links: Friday, Dec. 14


I want this for lunch!
I want this for lunch!

Hey folks! Finding yourself a little bored at work today? Maybe you’re not bored, but really busy and need a quick way to stay up to date? Well, welcome to The Lunchtime Leftovers. We here at Dispatch want to make your day as fun as possible—while also keeping you informed on the daily happenings. Instead of combing through the news yourself for something entertaining, our link dump will provide you a few of our favorite news clips from that morning. This is a great way to keep informed on all things Maine and fun! So grab your favorite mug, put some caffeine in it, and sit back and enjoy.

1.Ukraine’s newest and brightest parliament couldn’t get over their differences and just decided to fight it out like real men yesterday.  The brawl was provoked out of the groups’ difficulties in deciding a new speaker for the house. Hm, interesting take on politics, Ukraine. It probably relieved a lot of tension. (cough SOMETHING TO CONSIDER, CONGRESS cough)
2. President Obama said he doesn’t plan on going after the States that recently made legal the recreational use of marijuana. His reasoning is that it would basically be a waste of energy. True. He seems to have his priorities straight.
 3. Being an “original” Tolkien fan, you would think I would be scoffing at all the recent hype about his work and what not. NAY. The more people whose lives are touched and changed by this man’s work, the better. That’s why, with delight, I can report that citizens of the Maine town Unity have taken up the hobby of Hobbit-inspired chicken coops. How charming!
4. President Obama will visit the University of Southern Maine next Wednesday on his “fiscal cliff” campaign. Love me a man whose on his feet doing work!
 5. A fourth grade class in Corinna won the $1000 prize for their contributions to the scientific community. The award was given by “Dig into Science with S.W. Cole Engineering” for a two minute video the class made illustrating environmentally friendly ways to improve transportation. Great job, kiddos!

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