Jump Outward and Upward into Spring at Spiral Tree Yoga and Wellness Studio



As spring starts to blossom, sunlight pours into our pores and brings a little pep back into our step. This new energy is responsible for getting Portland folk out of their snuggies and into their lululemon pants (hopefully with underwear underneath after revealing recall on certain pants). People are ready to move their bodies and defrost after a cold winter. As a parent, finding time to satiate your own energetic needs while still fulfilling your child’s energetic needs can feel difficult…perhaps even impossible? Not anymore! Thanks to owner Aleksandra Townsend’s new adult AND children’s yoga studio, Spiral Tree Yoga and Wellness Studio in Portland, Maine. Check out our chat below, she sure is yogalicious!

Name: Aleksandra Townsend
# of Years Practicing Yoga: 10 years
# of Years Teaching Yoga: 12 years. She decided to get certified in yoga to deepen her practice but shortly after felt called to teach it.
Style of Yoga: She’s a DOUBLE threat teaching not only alignment based, energetic Vinyasa yoga (slow-to-moderate flow) but also gentle and restorative yoga usins reiki healing.
Her favorite pose: Many favs but recently falling for Lord of the Dance (who doesn’t love a man who can dance?) known in yoga as “Dancer Pose” or Natarajasana.
Her Least Favorite Pose: She admits that there are many challenging poses but bravely she still loves them. Handstands still make her feel uneasy but, like a true yogi, she is slowly letting trust build up to let go of the wall.
How did you come up with the idea to open the Spiral Tree Yoga and Wellness Studio?
I had a strong vision many years ago (since I became a mom) to create a family focused yoga studio where yoga can be practiced across all ages. I also wanted to create a space where parents could be supported in their practice by offering an enrichment program for the kids while the parents practice yoga on site. I kept waiting for the right moment, readiness and right location to open up and when it did I jumped on the opportunity.
Was owning a studio always your dream?
I co-operated a studio before while living in Poland and I enjoyed that experience. I thought at various times in my life about opening a business but I wasn’t sure what that would be exactly. Once I started to develop the vision of opening a family-focused yoga studio things started to fall in place. It was a wish for sure.
How did you come up with the name “Spiral Tree Yoga & Wellness Studio?”
Spiral Tree is the root of our mission statement. We believe that individual health and wellness leads to family and community health and wellness and that we are all interconnected. As such, each action undertaken by individuals to improve their mind, body and heart benefits everyone. It is a dynamic spiral outward and upward that we aim to foster. We believe that this spiral connection is even stronger and more alive and dynamic when rooted into a foundation of peace, love and the ground like a tree, like a Spiral Tree. The root of the Spiral Tree is yoga, which grounds and stabilizes us but also branches us to the universe with lively energy, peace and love.
What are kids’ favorite yoga tune?
“Dance for the Sun” by Kira Willey
Favorite adult yoga tune?
For adults, both Snatam Kaur album “Liberation’s Door” and “Servant of Peace’ song are currently on the top of the list.
What is the best piece of advice for yogis today?
Practice mindfulness where you are. Be grateful and kind every day. Connect with your children through yoga. Breathe and connect often to nature. Be yourself.


Phone number: 409-6380
Website address: www.spiraltreeyoga.com
Price: $5-$15.

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