Photo Bomb: JD Samson and MEN with Contrapposto at SPACE Gallery



With microphone in hand, local DJ Mosart212 seemed somewhat in disbelief as he addressed the swarm of concert-goers assembled before him last Friday night.

“When we booked JD Samson and MEN with Contrapposto, we were worried people wouldn’t come out…looks like we were wrong.”

They came out alright. They came out—and they danced.

It was a sweaty, groove-filled affair Friday night, as Brooklyn-based electronic-pop outfit JD Samson and MEN took to the stage of the SPACE Gallery with up and coming local zoomorphic electro-pop duo Contrapposto for an evening of highly danceable jams that even the most awkward among us could get down and groove to.

Check out the gallery of photos below, and while you’re at it, be sure to watch this hilarious alpaca-themed video Contrapposto just released for their song “Cousinfriends.” (Dare I say, more multi-colored scrolling fish?)

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