Release Point 002 – Jargon Party | Do You

How many different bands are Jargon Party? They’re one, obviously. But they’re also a dozen, easily, from early Wolf Parade to vintage late ’70s Real Kids to some weird Kinks cover band in a tiki bar in Maui. And that’s just the four songs of their debut EP, Interrobang, a 14-minute blast of melodic, post-proto-punk energy. It’s literally like they said, “Welcome to the effing party.”

Our second edition of RELEASE POINT is their single, “Do You,” which comes to us with a spastic, anxious, and totally lovable video courtesy of Ellis Hobby (of the Massachusetts band Horse Girl). In it, you’ll find four dudes — the dudes of Jargon Party — being human together on a rainy nothing day in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Is that what friendship looks like? Is that team chemistry? Maybe. If the original definition of a “band” was a group of likeminded young people who roamed the streets together, Jargon Party can be that band too.

JANUARY 15, 2016, 8 p.m.
Jargon Party
w/ First in Maths, Today Junior, and Black Hatch
Portland House of Music and Events
25 Temple St.

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