Hyde School’s 8th Annual Songwriters Workshop



For eight years now, Hyde School has organized an annual songwriters workshop for their musically-inclined students. While this fact is wonderful by itself, it’s the skilled professionals who teach the workshop that make the experience way cool. Every year, music great Don Cook (Nashville producer for Brooks and Dunn, The Mavericks, etc.) lends his industry expertise to Hyde students for five whole days, giving all sorts of useful, hands-on training in music.

The Hyde School’s mission statement describes the school as “a leader in character-based education.” To the school, and to director of music Matt Newberg, this workshop is a perfect example of this character building. In fact this isn’t just an excuse to get out of class. It’s a serious workshop. Only students in good academic standing are allowed to participate, so slackers who just want to meet the famous producer need not apply.

Whether the participants’ interests lie in singing, writing, or producing music, the students work with each skilled mentor directly to hone their craft, as well as deal with their emotions in a healthy, productive way. Once again, character-building.

The workshop is already under way, running from January 23rd-28th. And this year, they’ve added another music great to the roster: vocalist, multi-instramentalist, and songwriter Terry Radigan. When it comes to using music as an emotional outlet, Terry knows it all. Her most recent album The Breakdown of a Breakup was inspired by the end of her 20-year marriage. She will be taking her emotional experiences, as well as her over 20 years in the music industry, to help the workshop participants create something they can be proud of.

On January 28th from 7pm-10pm, you can see the results of the their hard work at the FREE workshop showcase hosted by Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine. And it doesn’t end there. Hyde School is serious about encouraging music as an emotional outlet, character-building tool, and a career choice. In the spring, Newburg will lead a second workshop in which some students will have the chance to mosey on down to Nashville to write and professionally record their own music. Pretty incredible.

To learn more about these workshops and Hyde Schools, please visit the Hyde School Songwriters Workshop website.

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