Fun Things To Do On New Year’s Day


Dude's got mad skills / style / like whoa
Dude's got mad skills / style / like whoa

In a world where uncertainty is almost certain, one thing is for sure: Tonight, we party. Tonight we party so hard that we forget what happened in 2012. But have you put any thought into what you’re going to do once you wake up, half drunk and half horribly hungover tomorrow morning? Ouch. Sounds painful, doesn’t it? Hadn’t thought past the $75 worth of Allagash you were planning on guzzling or the glitter you’re gonna make rain—Ke$ha style—on all your homies later. Well, as always, you shouldn’t worry, because we got you! Think no further. Here is list of some fun activities for New Year’s Day.

1. Once you’re prepared to move, your first destination should be food. Because you’ll probably be surprisingly more broke than you anticipated and therefore in need of something delicious and affordable. So go to Marcy’s Diner for some great grub, it will be open and ready for all you sleepy zombies.

2. Ready to move now? How much are you ready to move? Because if you’re trying to move a bunch, I’d suggest hitting the slopes. The best spot to do this would no doubt Sugarloaf Mountain.

3. If you’re feeling really, really active, go run a 5k. The Resolution Run is a great event thrown in Portland. Check it out.

4. If those activities even seem like way too much for you then go ice skating! Here is a list of ice skating rinks around Southern Maine.

5. After all that activity (or inactivity, whatever) head over to Flat Bread for their Benefit Night. Fro every pizza sold $3.50 will be donated to the Portland Community Health Center. Mmmm pizza. Mmmm, a good cause.


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Photo via Flickr: Boston Public Library 

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