Fill Your Belly With Porter & Leftovers


coal porter

Atlantic Brewing Company
Coal Porter
EST. CALORIES: 174   ABV: 5.8%

How was your Thanksgiving? Mmhm, that’s great, yep, mine was better. If there was one thing that I learned about myself over this Thanksgiving, it is the fact that I love feeling full. Not fat, just full. You know, when you get that awesome feeling of curling up on the couch and passing out due to a food coma. There’s nothing better. The same feeling can be had with beer. Sure, you can chug a six pack of Bud Light kinda feel like you just had a meal, or you could sip and savor the complex tastes of a Coal Porter from Atlantic Brewing Company.

Porters are probably the least popular of all beer styles. They mostly all taste the same, look the same, and smell the same. But when you get the right one, it’s happiness in a glass. Atlantic Brewing Company does a great job and setting their porter apart from the others. The smell is of smoke, nuts, and chocolate. It pours dark and heavy with a light cream colored head. When drinking, this fine porter it almost seems to coat your mouth. You can continue to taste all the subtle flavors and combinations well after the first swig. It is truly a beer to be sipped, savored, and a perfect lead up to a food coma. Sweet dreams.

Snobby food pairing: Porterhouse steak
Unique food pairing: Turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing (duh)
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