Summer flings are over, and people may be ready to get serious again. Graciously plucking them from the infinite choice of the dating market, we demanded that Stephanie and Collin meet at the East Ender for a casual dinner.


What kind of day were you having before the date?

I had just worked a 13-hour shift and got ready in 10 minutes.

What did Collin’s attire tell you about him?

He really had a lot of style and personality. His dark rimmed glasses were pretty hot too.

Did you two know each other?

We didn’t, but we both live in of the best and maybe smallest cities on Earth, so I think we were destined to meet.

What was one moment you remembered the next day?


Stephanie, 25

I remember walking toward the restaurant 20 minutes late and out of breath, and looking into the window and seeing a guy waiting, alone, with a bouquet of flowers. I thought, “That can’t be him.” A sweet and romantic gesture for a blind date.

What was the best question he asked?

I don’t remember anything specifically. The conversation just flowed really well and Collin is hilarious — especially his puns.

Describe something Collin did/said that surprised you.

My date brought me roses and tiger lilies, which are my favorite flowers. It really showed how thoughtful and respectful he is.

Did you hang out after the date?

Collin walked me home from the restaurant and held me around the waist. He was the perfect gentleman.

Would you go out again?

Already planning to. He gave me his number at the end of the night. I had a really great night, even though I was exhausted.


What kind of day were you having before the date?

I was having a somewhat normal Wednesday. Work, gym, grocery store, then home to shower and get ready.

What does Stephanie do for work?

She works at a rehab center. She truly enjoys helping people, but is saving to get a boat so she can work around the world.

What was one moment you remembered the next day?



Her spooning out singular drops of glaze to ensure I had enough on my duck (that we split). It wasn’t effective, but thoughtful.

What did she enjoy talking about most?

She loved talking about music. Luckily the East Ender had on a sing-along blend ranging from the Cure

to the Police.

What was the best question Stephanie asked?

I told her what I did for a living early on. Later, she asked, “So how is it selling shirts?” I replied, “I don’t, I sell insurance.” It was a funny because of how I mispronounce “insurance.”

Describe something your date did/said that surprised you.

How open and unrestricted she was talking about anything on a completely blind date. I like it, it kept me sharp.

Would you go out again?

Yes, it would be great to see her again.

What did you have at East Ender?

Collin and Stephanie split the duck and the ribs on pasta, also drinking Bordeaux and Bissell Brothers Substance IPA

Thoughts on the experience?

Stephanie: Bold food.

Collin: Quaint date spot, would also enjoy with small intimate gathering of friends. The short rib ragout was incredible.

East Ender, 47 Middle St., 207-870-7669

The Verdict

The verdict: Whoa. We’re getting good at this.

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