Last we spoke to Socrates, he told Dispatch that life begins the moment Eros enters the body. Much the same has been said about the quail eggs at Boda, where we sent Leah and Mat for a blind dinner date on a Tuesday night. Did anything enter them besides Thai Tea Margaritas?


Leah, 30



What did you do to prepare for the date?

I got ready before school in the morning knowing I wouldn’t have much time before the date. A little heat on the hair and mascara on the eyes before walking up to the restaurant.


Were the two of you connected through work, friends, or anything else?

Mat is the roommate of my roommate’s co-workers. We have hung out on a few occasions together (trivia, New Year’s concert, graduation parties).


What did your date enjoy talking about most? 

How he interacts with his friends, co-workers, and family and what they do for fun.


What was one thing you remembered the next day?

Mat works in IT, and he’s waiting to take a professional certification test to make him more “the guy” in the office.


Would you go out again?

For food, yes; romantically, no.


Mat, 29


What did you do to prepare for the date?

GTL. Just kidding; I 100 percent did not do that. Just took a quick shower before walking over.


What was your first impression of your date?

“Hey, I know you.”


What does your date do in the world?

Leah is a middle school teacher.


What was one thing you remembered the next day?

How funny it was that we got paired together. Portland is a small town.


What was the best question your date asked?

“Do you want any wings?”


Mat & Leah at Boda


What did you have at Boda?

Mat: Maine Beer Co. Lunch, Kra-Prao Chicken, shrimp skewers, Brussels sprouts, chicken wings, and Miang Kum Som-Oh.


Leah: Kanom-Krok quail eggs, Brussels sprouts, Maine crab curry with betel leaf, grilled and skewered chicken wings, Thai Tea Margarita.


Thoughts on the experience? 

Mat: I love Boda. I tried a few things I hadn’t before; I’ve yet to order anything that even comes close to a letdown.

Leah: First time with the quail eggs, and I think I will get them every time I go in the future.


Boda | 671 Congress St. | 207-347-7557


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