As winter nears, dinner dates are one of the only methods remaining for human beings to have an excuse to be in the same room. We sent Katrina and Jesse, two absolute strangers, to dine at mighty Empire.

Katrina, 30

What kind of day were you having before the date?

A fulfilling work day followed by a rewardingly difficult boot camp class, then showered and threw on a dress.

What did Jesse’s attire tell you about him?

As a transplant to Maine, I’m always a fan of plaid. Laid-back shirt and great hair.

Did you two know each other?

We had never met and didn’t dig deep enough to see if there were mutual friends.

What does Jesse do for work?


Katrina, 30

He’s in school for music production and it seems to really move him.

What was one moment you remembered the next day?

Man, I can’t wait to eat at Empire again. And that dude was really high …

What did Jesse enjoy talking about most?

People’s vibrations, his medical marijuana prescription, and the eminent foreclosure of his house.

What was the best question he asked?

“What do you do for you and what do you do to pay the bills?”

Describe something Jesse did/said that surprised you.

He’s about to move to Florida.

Would you go out again?

No, but thanks.

Jesse, 29

What kind of day were you having before the date?

Feeling positive and optimistic about life, no matter what!

What did Katrina’s attire tell you about her?

Formal, persuasive, and somewhat of an opportunist. Smart with a touch of mischief in her eyes.


Jesse, 29

What does Katrina do and how does she feel about it?

Her line of work falls under environmental services and she enjoys what she does. She’s currently overcoming some personal challenges in life as well; staying optimistic.

What was one moment you remembered the next day?

She was waiting at the bar in an elegant white dress with long, straightened beautiful hair … I love hair! She looked amazing.

What was the best question Katrina asked?

What makes you happy? And what do you want to eat?

Describe something she did or said that surprised you.

She held herself with grace and amazing posture, and had a beautiful smile.

Did you hang out after the date?

No. We shook hands, and then I went to grab a slice — hahaha, still hungry! With $32 left on the gift card split between us, I decided to give mine to the cashier at OTTO. I thought someone else should try amazing food and have that experience too!

What did you have at Empire?

Jesse brought a tea to dinner (from Dobrá Tea), then had kung pao chicken, honey walnut shrimp, and water. Katrina also had some vegan spring rolls and a Shanghai Cowboy cocktail.

Thoughts on the experience?

Katrina: One of my favorites and the best part of the date. So good.

Jesse: Empire is stylish, energizing, and contemporary. The food was tasty, wholesome, and filling.

Empire, 575 Congress St., 207-747-5063

The Verdict

Sadly, but definitively, not a match. It was a surprise to Katrina (and to us!) that Jesse was planning to move to Florida, but even if he were sticking around awhile, it doesn’t seem like these two had sparks … despite their appreciation for each other’s hair.

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