Now that Pokémon GO has arrived, the human race appears to be done with the burden of getting to know one another. The rules of Dismatch, however, demand otherwise, so we sent strangers Marcus and Danielle for some heavy-duty interfacing at Salvage BBQ.

Danielle, 28


What kind of day were you having before the date?

I was definitely nervous! I relaxed on my back porch and hoped Marcus would want to play a round of bingo at Salvage.
What does he do for work and how does he like it?

He’s a teacher, English and special education. He’s passionate about it! In the summer, he moonlights as a disc-golfer.


Danielle, 28

Danielle, 28

What was a moment you remembered the next day?

When he showed me Pokémon GO! I got so excited to join his yellow team. But, alas, I have an android …


What did Marcus enjoy talking about most?

Writing, literature, and music most of all. Also, surfing and travel. We have a lot in common, which was refreshing.


Describe something he did/said that surprised you.

We both have sib tats! (Matching tattoos with sibling.) We also both like/have impromptu tattoos, which is awesome.


Did you hang out after the date?

We walked to the store so he could get milk. They didn’t have milk there, but he caught two Pokémon in the store.


Would you go out again?

Marcus is genuine and funny. On the fence about a second date-date, but there’s certainly friend potential.



Marcus, 25



What kind of day were you having before the date?

It was a pretty low-key day. I went to the West End to see some friends (catch Pokémon) and had OhNo for breakfast.


What did your date’s attire tell you about them?


Marcus, 25

Danielle wore a lovely dress. I could tell she was a classy lady.


What does she do for work and how does she like it?

Danielle works for a property management company. She likes that she’s able to help people with any assistance the tenants may need. I enjoyed listening to her talk about it.


What was a moment you remembered the next day?

Danielle didn’t have a southern accent until she said “Pokémon,” which was super rad (and cute).


What did Danielle enjoy talking about most?

We’re both writers, so I pressed that issue quite a bit (in a good way). I think she enjoyed talking about that. I did. She gave me good advice.


Would you go out again?

I would, for sure. I need to show her this coffee place she hasn’t been to.


What did you have at Salvage? What did you think of it?

Marcus: Brisket sandwich, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, picklebacks, and cider. As a low-key BBQ connoisseur, I highly recommend it.

Danielle: Shredded pork and cole slaw, picklebacks, cider. Love Salvage; but a bit too loud for a date and too quick without table service. (Insert plea for gluten-free buns here.)

Salvage BBQ, 919 Congress St., 207-553-2100


The Verdict

Salvage was packed for “Bingo Bango” that Sunday, and these two neighbors seemed simpatico. Note that this date occurred three days after the release of Pokémon GO, and already the game is a prime conversation topic.

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