Dirty Dancing in Portland, Maine



Ever watch Dancing with the Stars? Ever wonder what it would be like to twirl, dip, and cha cha cha? Well, take your wonder and turn it into a reality with Maine Ballroom’s  “Beginner Ballroom Dance” workshop.

Every Wednesday, partners and singles alike, gather to learn the Dirty Dancing basics. The workshop began Wednesday, January 9th, when my reluctant (but open-minded!) boyfriend and I learned how to fox trot. The rhythm “slow, slow, quick, quick” is forever burned in my mind. Our zealous and competitive ballroom dance teacher, Colleen Reynolds, started with the basics: rhythm, walking, and partnering relationships.

Ladies, if you’re type A, watch out! Allowing your guy to lead is harder than one would think. But ballroom dance gives you more than a grasp on the Fox Trot, Box Step, Waltz, Swing, Cha Cha, and Rumba; it gives you time with your partner to find your balance between leading and following and enjoy yourselves after a day of work.

Remember: “Nobody puts baby in the corner.” So step on up and move into the ballroom limelight.

To sign up for your own Swayze Style:
614 Congress Street Portland, Maine 04101
$80 for 8 week ballroom dance classes

Drop some knowledge.