Dean Ford with The Other Bones @ the Asylum


Dean For

Are you 21+ with five bucks to spare and itching to have a rockin’ good time this weekend?  Well, go get yourself to the Asylum on Saturday March 9th to view the greatness that is Dean Ford.  He will be performing with The Other Bones, Sea Level, and DC Wonder starting at 9pm!

I have only seen Dean Ford once, way back when Panic at the Disco and Foxy Shazam took over the State Theater a year ago, but it was a performance I won’t soon forget.  With a bedazzled jacket and a shock of electric pink hair, he made his presence known to everyone within the audience.  His stage presence, eccentric wardrobe, and his wonderful vocals make this show sure to be a hit.

The Other Bones, who I was recently introduced to, are a huge reason to come out to the show.  The band is a Portland based electro-soul-rock-pop quadruple threat. They’ve got it all: powerful guitars, contemporary effects, and not to mention the enhanced vocals; lead singer Loretta has one of THE most amazing voices I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.

So, to recap. Dean Ford is great.  The Other Bones is great. I’m sure the rest of the line-up is just as great. Five bucks.  21+ at the Asylum.  Saturday at 9pm.  Be there.

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