Bangor Duo Prepares to Rock Portland



When Particles Collide is a rock duo based out of Bangor. Composed of Sasha Alcott on lead vocals and guitar, and Chris Viner, a drumming extraordinaire, this pair brings a whole lot of rock to the table. While in the process of recording their first album, Mass To Energy EP, Alcott and Viner can be found serenading crowds around the Bangor area, and tomorrow night will make their first appearance in Portland at the Slainte.

Not only is the music captivating and full of energy, When Particles Collide brings a stage presence that will sink its hooks right into you. Trust me, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of them. Front woman Alcott works the stage as she hits the crowd with her powerhouse vocals, and shreds away on her 12 string electric Danelecro. Viner backs her up with tight, steady beats, accompanied by mind-blowing drum fills.

Self described as sounding like the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, The Kills, or a punk rock Bob Dylan, these two know how to lure a crowd in. Last evening, I ventured down to Paddy Murphy’s Pub in Bangor to catch their set at the local open mic. They pleased the crowd with favorites such as “Should Have Been Me”, and the soulful anthem “Somebody Find Me”, in which the crowd wailed out the chorus with Alcott. I once again, left their show feeling fulfilled with the power of rock.

Check out the energetic duo this Thursday, 10 PM, live at the Slainte in Portland!


(featured image by: BEL Portraits, additional image by: Emily Pappas)

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