7 Maine-Made Etsy Holiday Gifts



I love this time of year. The popsicle stick homemade tree decorations, watching and crying to Love Actually over and over again, my mom’s famous peanut butter fudge, holiday sweaters (worn both ironically by your hipster cousin and in absolute earnest by your 80-year-old nana), all of it. And because I’m like such a good person, my favorite part of the season is finding the “perfect” gifts for friends and family. Despite my love of shopping, thinking about the long lines at the mall gives me a headache unremedied by any pain killer I’ve ever tried, even whiskey. Thank heavens for Etsy. And to my Buy Local delight, you can shop Etsy for Maine-made gifts. Here are some of my favorite things on there right now:

1. Oatmeal Stout Beer Soap For Men

Even the manliest of beer swilling men need to be fresh for the holidays. The brew lover in your life is bound to love this Oatmeal Stout soap. If he’s lucky, maybe you’ll pick him up a six pack of his favorite seasonal brew to sip on while he scrub-a-dub dubs in the shower, college style. $5.50 at HomeBrewedSoaps in Rockland

2. Crochet Owl Fingerless Gloves

For the love of birds, these fingerless gloves are too cute. I’m a sucker for owls. Could by my unhealthy Twin Peaks obsession. Could be that I always wanted to go to Hogwarts. Either way, these will make a great gift for the special avian lover in your life. There’s even a matching hat. $27.95 at MakingsofShannaTice in Lewiston

3. Tale of Squirrel Nutkin Beatrix Potter Necklace

This Beatrix Potter inspired necklace is sure to bring out the inner child in any lucky gift receiver. The pendant features an image of Potter’s beloved little red squirrel Nutkin, and is suspended from a 16″ brass chain that has been gently oxidized to give it a vintage feel. $23.40 at fairytalesbybluebird in Portland

4. Travel  Tea Wallet for Teabags

Nothing quite offers solace like a good cup of tea in the winter. And I’ve lost many a tea bags in the abyss that is my purse. How convenient (and adorable) this tea wallet would be for the steep-fiend on the go. $7.00 at PurpleGrace2 in Bangor

5. Chocolate Brown Cotton Loafers for Babies

I’m from Cape Elizabeth, Maine so it’s fitting that I was so taken by these knit baby loafers. It’s never too early to instill yuppie values in your child, am I right? I actually don’t subscribe to that at all, but c’mon: these are adorable. Get the little guy or gal in your life these puppies and they’ll be vacationing from that corner office to kick it on the sailboat with Yale, Grayson, and all the other mini-yupsters in no time. Or they’ll just look boss on the playground. $12 at threekittensknitting in Limington

6. Dark Chocolate Toffee with Pecans

Personally, I can’t even be friends with someone with poor snacking habits. And by poor snacking habits, I mean they don’t eat enough decadent treats. Impress the sweet tooth in your world with these hand-crafted chocolates from Kennebunk. One order of toffee comes in a white, eight ounce box like the ones pictured here but if you like to”dance to the beat of your own drum,” you can customize your order. $9.50 at WatermarkToffee in Kennebunk



7. Vintage Books

Maine’s full of book nerds. Real book nerds who like to have the yellowed paperback pages in their hands, not on their screens. It makes sense—we got the internet like 10 years after everyone else, right? Maybe that’s just a rumor I saw on AskJeeves. This particular vintage book stop has some really great classics for any holiday reader. Sure you can get these books pretty much anywhere, but not with the old school (and if you ask me, totally awesome) cover art. $4-20 at ElwoodAndEloise in Fryeburg

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