6 Weird Questions with Pearl and the Beard


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Pearl and the Beard make music that is hard to define but awesome to listen to; vacillating easily between upbeat, rousing pop jams and sweet, melodic folk songs, their live shows are filled with bobbing heads and teary eyes.

At least, that was my experience at their recent live show at Space Gallery. The hip trio was in town for one night to play a show with Boston’s You Won’t (a cooler-than-cool rock outfit that consists of two shaggy-headed dudes) and Lucius, who unfortunately had to cancel due to illness. No matter, because the double act was still stellar. From first song to last, it was a highly emotional musical trip that dragged me (metaphorically, of course) from summertime swimming sessions to the quiet sadness of a February night.

So it was with some trepidation that I met with Pearl and the Beard the following morning at Arabica Coffee Co. They were so freaking cool, so talented… what kind of questions could I ask a group like that? The answer was, as it always is, awkward ones.

Ali and I sat down with Jeremy Styles, Jocelyn Mackenzie, and Emily Hope Price to get an inside look at what inspires the Brooklyn-based band. After an hour of chitchat, we walked away with some sound financial advice, a newfound appreciation for electronic pickles, and stitches in our sides from laughing so much. These guys are funny. Like, really funny.

Since sharing is caring, we decided to record some of their silliest answers to our weirdest questions. Learn where Jeremy wants to lay his head, and what food Emily wants to bathe in, in the video below.


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