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Being a blogger definitely has its perks. You make your own hours. You wear sweat pants to the “office.” You spend your lunch break marathoning Buffy the Vampire Slayer without boss disapproval. But despite the flexibility and empowerment of “being your own boss,” working from home has its drawbacks; I know I’ve found myself feeling a little lonely after the ninth hour alone in my apartment, tapping away at my keyboard in the same pair of cereal milk stained jammies I wore yesterday…or even the day before that… This freelance loneliness is most likely why you see so many people laptop-ed up at coffee houses, lattes in hand, thoughtful expressions on face.

As a recent DC transplant, I suddenly find myself without any go-to blog spots. A little girl in the big city, if you will. Today I spent an hour trying to find a coffee shop or a bar with WiFi that wasn’t completely packed. Luckily, I found one (with a little help from my Yelp app) and here I am, blogging my thoughts to all you from a gelato spot with a pretty terrific house blend. This adjustment period in my new life has led me to reminisce on the days of yore when I knew the best places to perch up with my computer and my thoughts. And because I’m in such a nostalgic mood, I’ve decided to share some of my favorites with you.

1) YordProm Coffee Co. – This Vietnamese coffee house has delicious brews, super nice owners, a beautiful patio for the warmer mouths, comfy couches, and a dog-friendly ‘tude for the pup loving blogger.

2) Local Sprouts – During my one month as a vegan (see the January issue of Dispatch for more on that) I spent pretty much every day here. They’ve got great food, for veggies and meat eaters alike (get the mac n’ cheese) and you’ll find it’s pretty easy to sit there for a few hours slugging green tea and typing up quite possibly your best blog post, ever.

3) Public Market House - You could hear Portland’s collective heart break across the world the day the Portland Public Market shut down. Luckily, the good people at Market Vendors, LLC felt the dire need to fill the void and swooped up this lovely space in Monument Square. I like to hang out on the Coffee House side and either peer out onto the Square at the characters below (talk about inspiration), or cozy up with a bowl of Kamasouptra soup in the corner.

4) Arabica Coffee Co. – I think this place has the best coffee in town. And located on Free Street, it’s nice and tucked away, though still conveniently downtown. The exposed brick has such a quintessential Portland feel, and as silly as it sounds, I think it was inspiring.

5) Roost House of Juice – Diagnoally across the street from Arabica, this vegan and organic juice bar has more to offer than its decadent and/or healthy juices; the calm atmosphere is perfect for an afternoon blogging session. I liked to order the Raise Your GPA juice (the menu claims it’ll get you clear and focused and based on my own experience, I can’t muster up one protestation against these assertions). Another cool thing: after a few hours hittin’ the juice and the keyboard, they’ve got organic wine happy hours. Not a bad way to end another day at the office, am I right?


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